Full-Track Productions

Seattle, Washington USA
(206) 784-6963

Plain and simple old-fashioned monaural goodness with output to digital formats or analog open-reel tape

NEW LINKS as of 2019 January

New-manufacture 300/35x/440 pinch-wheel cores now available

We have contracted with an experienced vendor to manufacture Ampex-style pinch wheels.  These are made from fresh precision-ground nitrile/Buna-N synthetic rubber on a computer-manufactured aluminum core with a fresh bronze bearing.  These parts will long outlast rollers made from urethane.  Click here for more information.

New pages

I've updated my service bulletins for Ampex recorders.  

If you have re-hosted these in the past, please download the most recent revisions (or better yet, please link to this page).

I've also added links to some legacy pages

To contact Full-Track Productions, ping us at

Seattle's most unique small voiceover studio, conveniently located in the Ballard/Greenwood area

Rates: $65/hour for recording/editing, $65 plus parts for repairs (discounts available depending on length of project)

Click here to see views of the studio (new pix to be uploaded sometime)

* NO SERVICE for Ampex 600-series, ATR 100 series, MM-series, or consumer machines;
for Ampex 354 machines, transport service only